Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Union, OR

Specific properties in and around Union, OR, have multi-leveled outdoor spaces. These properties, in many respects, allow the opportunity for some magnificent landscaping ideas due to their natural slopes or levels. However, leveling may be an issue if there is a gradient near a pathway or a flower bed. The only way around this problem is to flatten the areas as needed and then build retaining walls to support the slope. This enables efficient use of available space without significantly altering the land's configuration.

Structures That Perform

Though this approach appears straightforward, retaining walls must be designed to perfection if they are to perform their intended purpose. Valley Lawn & Landscape has been creating high-quality landscapes for customers around the region and is the chosen contractor for all sorts of landscaping jobs, large and small. Some ground is also susceptible to erosion, which results in mudslides over time. If you do not have retaining walls built in these locations, it can cause significant damage to your home's landscaping and the foundation.

Different Types of Walls

We are the landscaping specialists who handle all sorts of landscaping projects and have the experience necessary to construct retaining walls that will sustain your landscape properly. Once the areas have been examined, we will determine which locations require these walls. Certain sections will become more functional due to their addiction, and they will offer stability to your environment.

Retaining walls come in various styles, including gravity walls, cantilevered walls, and piling walls. The ones we create will be determined by where you need us to build them. Additionally, we take great care in selecting the appropriate materials and ensuring that they complement the remainder of the landscape and the overall appearance of your home.

The Advantages

Many people wonder whether they need retaining walls and whether standard garden walls or boundary walls will serve the same purpose. There are several distinct advantages of incorporating retaining walls into your landscaping, such as:

  • They add value to your property
  • Help divide the space into more functional areas
  • They can serve as seating walls in yards, on patios, and on decks
  • Add stability to the landscape
  • Stop soil erosion
  • Enhance your property‚Äôs aesthetics

When you hire us to handle any landscaping project, including the construction of retaining walls, you can be assured that we will use the highest quality materials and that skilled personnel will perform the installation. We will complete the work within the specified period and the pre-determined budget while adopting a laser-focused approach to every project we take on.

Our professionalism and reliability, backed by quality assurance and customization, provide our clients value. We design and build all retaining walls and may use stone, concrete masonry units, and brick to construct them. We source all supplies, materials, and products from reliable local suppliers, so you are assured of quality.

For more information about our retaining walls, please call Valley Lawn & Landscape at 541-213-1563. You can also write to us through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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