Sidewalk Pavers

Sidewalk Pavers, Union, OR

Sidewalks are far more than concrete strips that run next to roads and streets. These components are used in conjunction with walkways and pathways in many landscaping designs. However, regardless of the size of your garden, the only way to access the various landscape spaces without trampling on grass areas or flower gardens is to construct walkways or sidewalks.

Design Aspects of Paver Sidewalk Installation

When the Valley Lawn & Landscape team takes on a landscaping project, we plan for sidewalk design. These installations can be as straightforward or as sophisticated as needed. We invest a great deal of time and effort into these works, and the paver placement is never arbitrary. We consider many issues while designing this relatively straightforward installation, including the following:

  • The property, periphery's expanse
  • The placement of distinct features in your landscape
  • Planting and tree placement
  • Additional hardscape components
  • Landscaping materials
  • The materials you prefer
  • The sidewalk's breadth
  • Materials to be used as an edging or border
  • Other

In most cases, sidewalks are part of a larger project involving the driveway, garden stairs, other walkways, patio and deck, and pool area. It implies that the paver sidewalk's design and the materials used to build it must also suit these components' appearance.

If we are responsible for the complete landscaping project, we guarantee that the design is harmonious. Many of our Union, OR clients want these installations for landscape upgrades or renovations. At these times, we make an additional effort to ensure that the installation fits seamlessly with the old pieces.

Materials For Sidewalk Pavers

Depending on the landscaping materials currently in place, we may use:

  • Pavers made of brick, natural stone, or concrete
  • Natural paving stones in large sizes
  • Granulated stone
  • Squares of granite
  • Blocks of concrete

Each of these materials has specific qualities, pros, and cons. Our team is knowledgeable, proactive, and ready to provide you with all the information you need about the various products available. We can also help plan and install sidewalks using combination materials. We are creative and innovative and focused on providing our clients with excellent value.

We acknowledge that when you include sidewalks into your landscaping, you want to maintain the flow and concept of the garden areas. As previously said, we work hard to accomplish this. We understand your objectives and then lend them shape.

Why Are Sidewalks Such A Good Installation?

We position sidewalks from the street to your front door and around your backyard or front lawn to help prevent trampled lawns and plants. They're an excellent way to demarcate spaces without really erecting barriers (that restrict movement in the outdoor areas).

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